Hummingbird helps you generate genuine positive customer reviews on your Google Places, True Local, Yelp, or Facebook pages.

 It gives all of your customers a voice and provides you with eyes and ears across every customer interaction.



How it works


Hear It

Hummingbird provides you with feedback from your real customers. 

Keep them coming back.

They tell you what they like, don’t like, and how you can do better. By constantly listening to your customers you become more accountable for the service and offer you provide. 

It keeps you on your toes while identifying opportunities for business improvement and growth. 

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Fix It

Let’s face it, things do go wrong. It’s what you do next that really matters.

Know when things go wrong.

Hummingbird informs you immediately when things go wrong so you can take action to ensure these customers are more likely to come back, even when you make mistakes.

Giving your customers a voice and resolving their problems also greatly reduces the likelihood they will 'vent' on social media due to frustration.

Share It

Hummingbird ensures your great work is heard.

Spread the good stuff online. 

With 87% of customers making a purchase after reading a positive online review, having a strong online brand reputation is critical. Your brand can't just be visible, it needs to be reputable. 

Hummingbird gets your customers to spread the good news across your Google Places, True Local, Yelp, and Facebook pages.

What our clients are saying


"Hummingbird has provided a set of eyes across every interaction we have with our customers. And it has dramatically increased our positive customer reviews having a direct impact on our bottom line."

-Ashley Cox, Cox Auto

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"We've generated positive reviews and improved our SEO rankings as a consequence. Hummingbird has definitely helped our business, especially team performance and accountability"

-Simon Dixon, Exopest

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Our Packages


Up to 500 customer emails

Weekly customer surveys

Customer comments on things gone right and things gone wrong

Problem alert notification and recording of corrective action

Social sharing notification

Your customer reviews across Google Places, True Local, Yelp or Facebook

Weekly reporting of results via your own reporting dashboard


All of Kickstarter plus:

Your own branded survey and survey address

A Hummingbird review page that displays your customer reviews online.

 Measurement of service delivery KPIs specific to your business.  



Over 500 customer emails

Advocate email referral and offer sharing

Monthly business review 

On-site training

Direct complaint management and handling 

Integration with 3rd party programs such as Salesforce CRM and Zendesk.


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